29 May 2009

No, I have not lost interest in crochet quite yet. My attention span may be short, but it's not THAT short! :) I just hadn't had a chance to take photos of the finished objects (FO's in crochet-speak) because of rain, bad lighting, general laziness, and lack of creativity in making the 2 FO's look different from one another. I loved working with the yarn so much that I made both hats from the same color!

So,first one is the Surfer Chick Quick Cap from Chicks with Sticks Guide To Crochet. It's one of the first two books I borrowed from the library when my interest in crochet was reignited. The other one was the For Dummies book. This was really fun to make and the pattern was easy to memorize. I worked on it on the commuter train to NYC over Memorial Day long weekend. I like the open stitches of the cap as it's summer right now. Who wants to wear a thick wool hat in the summer, right?

You can see that the stitches form a sort of scallop edge on the bottom of the cap. I quite like that part of it! Excuse the photos where I'm obviously holding a point-and-shoot as far away from me as possible in order to take a photo of myself. Must find a better way of taking hat photos that don't involve my being in the photo!

surfer chick cap non-blurry

The 2nd cap I made is called The Professional, after the cap worn by Matilda, the young girl, in the 1994 movie "The Professional". The pattern can be found here for free. I used a lighter-weight yarn and one hook size down from the one called for in the pattern, which may be why this cap also has a lighter summery feel than the original, which looks heavier. As I used the same color yarn (from the same skein! And I still have leftovers!), I thought I should switch up the photo a bit so it doesn't look like I'm posting the same hat, haha! Notice the more defined band on the bottom of this one.

70's the professional

Between the two caps, I prefer to make the first one again, maybe in a different yarn. I've been itching to go to a yarn store and buy yarn for the past few days, weeks even, and it just never happens. I vow to go tomorrow! It's hard to buy yarn when I don't know what I'll be making and how much I'll need. Hats and scarves are fun because they take so little yarn.

Still working on the Zen Scarf..actually, more like still not working on it. But I shall finish it. Soon! Now, on to my next project.


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