Wedding Shoes and Lost Luggage

21 June 2009

I'm starting to panic as United Airlines has yet to locate my luggage and deliver it to me. It's in Chicago somewhere, according to their latest scan, which was over 24 hours ago. They promised me my luggage would be delivered at noon. When I phoned them at noon, they said my bag didn't make it on to the last two flights to Vancouver and that I should check again in an hour. When I phoned back, they said that they would make sure it got on the last flight this evening. When I phoned again this evening, I was told it was last scanned in Chicago and they were trying to locate it!

My wedding veil and wedding shoes are in that bag! I'm trying to distract myself from my missing luggage by blogging about the two pairs of shoes that I'm deciding between for my wedding. I wanted to stay away from traditional white/ivory shoes so I looked for something I could wear often afterwards.

Greer and Augusta

The first pair I chose because I'm really liking the ruffles on it. I realize it still kind of falls under "traditional", but at least it's not white or pointy. I don't really have a pair of dressy metallic shoes currently, so these would work well for other more formal occasions later on. Or even just for a nice dinner out if I'm more dressed up. I also like the added texture the pleating gives. It's feminine, yet still simple. This is the Greer sandal from J. Crew.


The second pair I chose because I like the color and I like the ribbon. Yes, I admit I can be a girly-girl at times. I figure this would look really nice with a pair of jeans and can easily be dressed up or down. I also like that it adds a subtle bit of color to my entire ivory ensemble. This is the Augusta pump from J. Crew as well.


I think the ribbon is quite adorable!


The best thing about these shoes is they were both on sale and had free shipping when I bought them! Now, how to decide? Dilemma, dilemma! Any advice from whoever's reading out there? :)

And, writing this post did make me briefly forget about my lost luggage. I hope writing about the shoes will guarantee that they are found and returned to me...


  1. I love your taste in heels! The ruffles are so pretty on the first, but I adore the J.Crew heels even more...the color pairing is just so beautiful. Whichever you decide, I think you are guaranteed to always look back and love them!

  2. Thanks! I think I'm leaning towards the ruffles now, but I may still change my mind. or just get the photographer to take two photos! Haha!


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