OTK Boots: Which to get?

01 December 2009

I tried resisting the trend, I really did! But I think I'm about to give in. Over-the-knee (OTK) boots are appealing to me more and more these days. It's partly the full leg coverage that makes me want to buy them already. It's getting cold, and I don't think only wearing tights and boots is going to cut it anymore.

So, here are the choices, with my corresponding dilemma:

First is the black OTK boots that are my actual first choice. I've ordered them from endless.com and they should be arriving tomorrow. The dilemma? These are full price on endless and I really don't want to pay that much money for something that may turn out to be too trendy.

otk boots - black

Next is the brown version of the above Pour La Victoire boots. These are on sale at Cusp for a more reasonable price. Sadly, they don't have the black one in my size, only in a size 8. The dilemma? Right price, wrong color.

otk boots - brown

Last is this black pair from Topshop. It's the cheapest among all the choices, and it's still made of leather so the quality should be okay. The dilemma? They only have size 5.5 and 6.5, and I'm a size 6. I could potentially pick the 5.5 which will most likely fit me, but will it be too uncomfortable for serious walking? Also, I prefer the hidden wedge heel of the first two choices to the visible heel on this one.

otk boots - topshop

So there you have it. I need help! I can't decide which to get! The first one is definitely out of the running because of the price, so it;s between choice 2 and 3. Stylewise I really prefer #2, but I'm really leaning more towards a black pair, so what to do, what to do...

(first two photos from Cusp.com. last one from Topshop.com)


  1. I have seen the TopShop boots on people and they look great!

    I would say this is a passing trend, so pay as little as you can!

  2. I like the first pair the best especially with the platform. I don't know how much these cost, but I got ones from aldo for around $100 and have worn them almost 20 times, so even though I felt they were too trendy, I've gotten a lot of use out of them and they were worth it :) Hope you enjoy yours!

  3. I tried on a pair and realized my legs are too short for these boots, so my wallet is happy. :)


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