10 January 2010

365 - 010910

I dropped by the library to return some books and saw that they were having their annual magazine sale. At $0.25 per magazine, I couldn't resist getting an assortment of food, travel, and home issues. Is Gourmet now considered a collectible?


  1. what a great score!!
    so addicted to magazines :)

  2. Me, too! I have way too many subscriptions. Another advantage of moving to the US is cheap magazine subscriptions.

  3. I can't believe the price of magazines in Canada!

    Your photo looks like a monthly delivery of my poor poor mailman!

    I'm really saddened about Gourmet - they substituted my subscription with Bon Appetit, which I already get (they send me 2 every month and I don't know why) and now I'll be getting 3 of the same mag every month!

  4. Gourmet is considered a collectible now. It's so sad how so many magazines and publications are folding up :( But yay on the magazines :) :) Stock up!!


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