Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year treats

15 February 2010

This has been such a fun Valentine's Day/ Chinese New Year. First, there was the Valentine swap hosted by the lovely trestippy. I was super excited to receive the package from my sweet swap partner Pamela of Ginger Girl. Look what I got!

Valentine goodies
A box filled with yummy goodies!

K cup
Also the most perfect mug that I've been using every day since I opened the package!

Thanks so much, Pamela!

Now, I know it's trite, but what's Valentine's day without chocolates and roses? Right? Right? After all, it's cliche for a reason :D


I love the color of these roses. So vibrant and cheerful, yet NOT red!

Sang City and Marie Belle Chocolates

Not that there's anything wrong with red. Chinese New Year is the perfect excuse for something new AND red, hence the red bag. Mmm...the leather is so smooshy. And surprisingly, a perfect match for the box of delicious Marie Belle chocolates.

Starbucks Heart cup

I also got a pleasant surprise when i dropped into Starbucks today. Apparently, they now have Valentine cups! Yay! After the red Christmas cups, I always find their regular cups so boring, so it's nice to see something new.

photo from HBC

And just to continue the red theme for today, I'm currently lusting after these cheery Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens. Why didn't I get a pair when I was in Vancouver last month?? Thank goodness for cousins who still live In Vancouver and are willing to buy some for me. Oh, and congratulations to Alexandre Bilodeau for getting Canada's first ever gold medal on home soil!!


  1. Welcome back!
    What a lovely idea and I loved seeing what you sent Pamela!!!!
    What great gifts!

  2. love the balenciaga! and the mittens : ) happy double-holiday~

  3. those mittens are so cute!!

    and they match the bag perfectly hehe

  4. that balenciaga bag..TO DIE FOR! love it!



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