Guest bathroom help

05 April 2010

We've got guests coming in a few weeks, so I need help in deciding which bath rugs to keep in the guest bathroom. Oh, and all the fixtures and paint were the previous owners' choice.

Option 1 is plain and simple. I like the size as it doesn't make the room look too small, BUT is it too plain and simple?

Guest bath rug 1

Option 2 is my favorite, but I'm afraid it's too big for the space. It looks okay in the photos but in real life it seems to cover up too much floor space, making the room look small and crowded. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Guest bath rug 2

The room still needs accessorizing, which will be the next step after I decide on one of the above options. Thanks!


  1. Option 1 looked nice before I saw option 2. Option 2 made the first option look crappy.

    I'll just forget that I ever saw option 2, and go for option 1 coz of the floor space issue.

  2. what is the black thingie on option 2's rugs?
    i prefer option 1

  3. The black thing is the tag. I can't remove it in case I decide to return them.

  4. Option 1.
    I like that you have two sinks in the guest bathroom.


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