Aritzia cashmere Cocoon Coat

14 December 2010

It snowed today. Okay, maybe it was more like a little dusting, but I realized I desperately need a new winter coat, preferably this camel cashmere coat from Aritzia.
aritzia cashmere cocoon
My favorite winter coat is a black wool one from Aritzia as well (sense a pattern?) and I love it to pieces, but it currently doesn't fit me.  The buttons won't close because of this!  I'm resisting buying this camel one because I don't want to buy it in a bigger size. 

aritzia wilfred cocoon coat
Isn't it just so classic?


Look how it swings!  I'm so tempted to ask my brother to buy it for me and bring it here when he visits in a week...must resist!  Aritzia usually brings back their classic styles yearly, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will still be available next year.  Ooh, wait, maybe I can get someone to buy it for me during Boxing Day sale!  Hmm...

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  1. love love this coat!

    Cheers! -Julie

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