Blizzard 2010

27 December 2010

Tree in backyard

This is what our backyard looks like from the back door in the eating area.  You didn't think I was actually going to go out into the cold, right? :)   With the forecast 12-18 inches of snow, I'm glad this is all we got.  Poor DH still had to use the snowblower twice last night and once this morning before going to work, but on the whole, it's not as bad as we expected.  We didn't get our White Christmas, but we got a White Boxing Day instead.

Front door

And this is what our poor postman had to trudge through today to get our mail to us.  We appreciate it, Mr. Postman!  As for me, I'm staying home.  All errands can be postponed until tomorrow, I say!


  1. we got (eek) 15 inches and 30 inches at the shore... crazy storm

  2. happy new year...a 2011 full of lovely projects :) xox


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