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26 January 2011

I was instantly smitten when I saw this post by goldenmeans this morning, and I couldn't help but post about the exact same things!

kate spade bow bangle

This bangle would be perfect for Valentine's Day, right? Or any other red-letter day. It also comes in ring form, but I can never order rings online as my fingers are too small, so this bangle will have to do.

kate spade journal clutch

And this clutch made me gasp out loud. It's too adorable, and even has red lining inside!  Oh, Kate Spade, you always have so many things I want need!

(pics via)


  1. The clutch is so cute! Looks like something you could bring with you to a coffee shop. Although, it's not very good reading material. I guess you can just read the news from your iPhone, which conveniently fits in your fake newspaper.

  2. Haha, so true. I really really want that clutch :D Not that I ever go anywhere that requires a clutch.

  3. Love them! I especially love Kate Spade bangles like this:

    They are sooo cute! :p

  4. yeah, I saw that as well. I want the rose gold version.

  5. yup me tooo!!!! i want the brooklyn ones too... basta all those with messages :p

  6. Ooh, that clutch! Is it part of her book series of clutches? I'm still dying to carry around the Great Gatsby one!

  7. I know! I'm in love with the Great Expectations clutch.


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