Warby Parker

23 July 2011

Warby Parker Becketts
Warby Parker Becketts in Striped Evergreen
I heard about Warby Parker a while back and was intrigued and impressed by their one-for-one business concept.  Basically, they deliver a free pair of eyewear to someone who needs it for every pair they sell.  Now, if altruism by itself isn't a good enough reason to buy Warby Parker, their price is also great!  Each pair costs only $95 and this is including prescription lenses.  I also love that they allow you to choose up to 5 pairs at a time at try on at home for free so you can make sure you get the right frames for your face shape.  They simply mail the 5 pairs that you choose to your home, you have 5 days to decide which you want, then you mail them all back and order online.  How easy is that?

Warby Parker Becketts

I enjoyed having the 5 pairs to try on at home, but none of them quite worked out for me.  Luckily, I was able to book an appointment at their NYC showroom when I was there last May and was able to try on almost all their models.  I was able to narrow it down to a few that I liked and finally decided on the Becketts in Striped Evergreen.  It's funny how they look quite green in the photos, but when I'm wearing them, they look black.

The entire process was super simple, and I'm tempted to get another pair soon.  Two or even three pairs of Warby Parkers cost less than my old pair of eyeglasses!  Can I even justify an eyeglass wardrobe?  Haha!

warby parker sunnies
photo from Warby Parker

Luckily, they've also introduced sunwear.  If two pairs of glasses sound excessive, maybe one of them can be sunglasses, right?  I love the shape above, which is called the Mabel.  It doesn't seem like you can do a home try on for sunglasses, though.


  1. I am reading this post a bit late, but I think two pairs of glasses can be considered anything but excessive. However, this being said, I own FIVE pairs of glasses. haha. I have an eyeglass wardrobe and I love it.

    Almost a year ago, my contacts began bothering me on a regular basis - drying out while sitting in front of my computer at work, making my eyes hurt and making it difficult to see. A few months prior to this my favorite glasses broke and I was forced to replace them with frames I liked, but did not love because of a serious lack of funds. Then I stumbled upon Warby Parker. I ordered my first (new) frames from them and loved having the option of two frames (because I was no longer wearing contacts on a regular basis) so much that I decided I wanted a third pair. I ordered a pair of cat's eyes from Coastal Contacts. That lead to ordering a third pair from them and finally my second (and fourth new pair) pair from Warby Parker. It may seem excessive, but I now have a variety of frames (in a variety of colors) to suit my every mood and outfit. I spent under $300 for all four pairs (this does not include my very first replacement pair)!

    An added bonus, I helped provide two people with a pair of glasses they could not otherwise afford. So in short (too late), I say go for another pair! :)


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