Julep Maven Intro Box for a Penny!

17 December 2011

What's a Julep Maven?  Or maybe we should do what's Julep first.  Julep is a Seattle-based nail parlor that has come out with their own line of nail polishes and hand care products.  So what's a Julep Maven?  It's a monthly program they started where they send you from $40-$75 worth of products for only $19.99.  You can skip a month or cancel anytime if you're not satisfied.  Their style quiz results said that I'm an "It Girl", and you can see what they decided to send out in my introductory box.

I haven't tried the polishes yet, but the colors do speak to me and are pretty spot-on as to what I might have picked out.  I only paid $5 for my intro box instead of the standard $19.99, so I figured I had nothing to lose  by giving it a try, and I'm pleasantly surprised.

They currently have a promotion where the first 1000 new referrals can get their intro box for a penny instead of $19.99 and I think that's an amazing deal.  I believe shipping to Canada is also free, but I could be wrong.  A Julep Maven also gets 20% off their other items.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just thought it was a pretty good deal.  If you use my referral link below, I get a free month for every 2 people who sign up:


  1. This sounds interesting. Don't think I was able to get the penny deal. Let me know how your subscription goes :D

  2. You tried and it didn't work? You entered the code?


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