June in Instagram, 1 of 2

27 June 2013


1.  Harvey's not too thrilled with the tub in our Cape Cod rental.
2.  My parents visited us and we took a quick trip to Cape Cod.
3.  Lobster roll, mmmmmm...


4.  JFK drinking soda in 1963.
5.  More lobster.
6.  Harvey dancing in Provincetown.


7.  On the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.
8.  Sitting by the gazebo with Kongkong.
9.  Boston creme pie at legal Sea Foods -- soooo good!


10.  Harvey at Harvard.  Brainwashing begins early.
11.  Looks delicious and kinda gross at the same time.
12.  On the train to NYC!


13.  Making friends at the bookstore. Hello, Sam!
14.  High five!
15.  Matching outfits.  They even have the same New Balance sneakers!

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16.  Yes, I tried it.  Split one with my parents, and it was good, but once was enough, haha!
17.  Playing with Mr. Potato Head at the park.
18.  Father's Day Outfit.


  1. aww heart this post!! your son is so adorable!! your cape cod rental is gorgeous.. love that bathroom.. seriously drooling over all of the food in this pic!! i realllly wanna try the doughnut breakfast sandwich.. i had a krispy kreme burger once.. it felt like i was going to have a heart attack but still so good hahaha!!

  2. Hi! I can't remember how I landed on your blog :) I was blog hopping and I was brought here by I guess, another blogger.

    I like your blog. :) I'm suddenly a blog fan here. You capture great photos and I find everything so calming and relaxing. As we often say here, nakakawala ng stress :) Everything here radiates that happy feeling.

    Looking forward in seeing more of your posts. Have a great day!


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