June in Instagram, 2 of 2

12 July 2013


1.  Score from on of the sales. I think I may have too many Rockstuds, heehee.
2.  Dried GREEN mangoes.  Mind blown.
3.  Harvey's many faces.


4.  Traded the bigger one for the smaller one.  Finally, a DSLR I can carry around again.
5.  Leftovers.
6.  You know it's summer when lemonade stands start appearing.


7.  Duck fat fries.  Inhaled by Harvey.
8.  Took a quick weekend trip to Vermont.
9.  Still in Vermont.


10. Finally got to visit the Ben and Jerry's Factory!
11.  Mmm...ice cream!
12.  That's Hao managing to lift Harvey up to the other hole.  


13.  Beet salad, just before heading home after our trip.
14.  Guess what?
15.  Purchased for the packaging and turned out to be very good ice cream!


16.  Mama, I love this pillow pet!
17.  Our daily weekday routine.
18.  Strawberry picking!


  1. A confession to make, I clicked the Celine's photo and I saw the blue dainty purse :) I like it too.

    Great photos and your blog never fails to relax me. Have a great day!

  2. ahhh love your new rockstuds!! I know what you mean i'm obsessed w/ all things valentine and rockstud these days hehehe!!

    reveal the celine pleeaaase :p!!! muhahaha!

    omg I want to try green mangos! sounds so yum!


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