Mansur Gavriel

27 July 2013

mansur_gavriel garance
When I saw this bag on Garance Dore's blog, I fell in love.  It reminded me of the first designer bag I ever bought myself (an LV bucket bag that's now all gross and sticky), except in a classier more grown-up way.

Just look at the clean lines.  I want this bag.  And it's pretty reasonably priced!


Look at the pretty red lining.  Love the color pop, but I'm wondering if it would make this bag difficult to match.  I'm also slightly tempted by the camel color as I still do not own a camel colored bag.  The camel with the blush lining or the bright pink lining is awfully cute as well.


Mansur Gavriel has other products, but for a first bag from this line I would definitely get the bucket bag.  Now if I could only find one available online.  I really have no patience for pre-orders.  Do you?


  1. The bucket bag! Another classic piece that never runs out of style. Each bag comes with a free purse right? Cute!

  2. The bag is amazing... I like its red innerside..
    Maybe we can follow each other..!!
    keep in touch

  3. ohhh this is gorgeous!! i don't think it'll be hard to match at all afterward it's simple, minamalistic and black!! very chic and grown-up it reminds me of celine's simple and clean lines!


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