Coffee Cozy

07 May 2009

I first learned how to crochet in home ec class back in grade school. We made doilies, so I wasn't really very inspired to keep it up, haha.

For some reason, I was recently inspired to take it up again. I don't even remember what triggered this desire...oh it might have been a recent trip to a craft store to look for calligraphy materials as my wedding is coming up and I thought I could save money by learning how to address my invitations. I got distracted and just started browsing through all the books about crochet and was amazed at all the things you can make nowadays.

After I got my calligraphy kit, I went to the library and started putting holds on all the crochet books I could find. I bought some cheap yarn, an H crochet hook (that's what the For Dummies book said I should get!) and began to relearn crochet.

After all my uneven coaster tries, here is the first project that looks vaguely decent: a coffee cozy!

I still need to perfect my stitches, but overall I'm satisfied. At least I won't have to use those paper coffee sleeves anymore, right?

Oh, and it turns out, I suck at calligraphy!


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