Crochet Hook Organizer

13 May 2009

Of course, one can't take up crochet without the proper crochet hook organizer, right? Enter Etsy, my new source for all sorts of cool things I never knew I needed. I was just browsing through the "Local" feature to see what sellers in my area were selling when, lo and behold, I saw a listing for a crochet hook organizer! I wasn't even looking for one -- my hooks were just jumbled in among my yarn stash.

crochet hook organizer

She didn't have this particular print available in a crochet hook organizer, but she had something similar in her knitting needles organizer, so I was thrilled when she very kindly agreed to use this particular fabric combination instead.

I had to wait for her to order the fabric, but after seeing the finished prodict photos (haven't received the item yet), I'm so glad I wasn't impatient enough to choose one of the other available prints that I didn't like as much.

Just look at the orange! And the pink! So pretty!

crochet hook organizer

I can't wait till I receive the actual item so I can pretend to be more organized. :)

For the curious, the shop name is madbird, and she sells other items as well. I didn't notice she had the coordinating small pouch to the crochet hook organizer I purchased or I might've ordered it, too!


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