Crocheted Throw

09 June 2009

crochet throw fcl
photo from FCL Style

Since I started crocheting, I've started noticing that there are so many crocheted items for sale out there! For example, I saw this today on FCL Style and the first thing I thought was "Hey, that's crochet!", immediately followed by, "That looks easy to make! I can do that!", and then "$98 for that?"

It's funny how I'd rather make it myself than shell out close to $100 to purchase it, but if I were to really think about it, the time it would take me to crochet that is definitely worth more than $100. The yarn itself may not be that expensive, but labor? It's a good thing I quite enjoy crochet because that way, I don't think about it in terms of labor cost.

I even already have the top and bottom colors on hand! Not in the quantity needed to actually make it, but I just thought it was a nice coincidence. So, I may make an attempt at this when I have more time, meaning after the wedding!


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