I'm back!

29 July 2009

I'm back! It's been a busy month for me...hence, the nonexistent posting. I left for Vancouver, did some wedding planning, had my wedding (yay!), spent time with friends and family who also flew to Vancouver, then did a week-long Alaska cruise for our mini-moon, came back to Western Massachusetts just in time to close on a house, then had to pack and move out of our rental, then move into the new place, unpack...whew I'm exhausted just writing that down!

I've missed blogging, though, and now that things are a bit more settled down, I can start updating more frequently again. I'm still in the middle of unpacking and furniture-shopping, but I'm taking my time. In the meantime, above is a shot (courtesy of mistr_sparkle) of the cocktail table toppers at the wedding venue. I'm still sad peonies were no longer in season, but my amazing florist was able to ensure I had a couple in my own bouquet.


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