More flowers and Happy weekend!

31 July 2009

It's such a rainy day today that it makes me want to stay home and veg. I still have so many things to do, such as UNPACK! I desperately need to find my hairdryer, but this weather just saps all my energy away. I also want to post more but again, sappy weather. So for now, here are some more flower photos:

flowers and lace

I love how my florist was able to incorporate both my colors as well as the lace theme I sort of had going. There was no extra lace from my gown to give him so he just found his own lace. Thanks, Evan!


And gerberas! For pew markers! I think I've rediscovered my love for gerberas because of this. I still wish I'd held mt wedding during peony season, but who knew way back then that peonies weren't available year-round?? Haha, I know better now!

Happy weekend!


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