Eva Juliet

17 August 2009

Lately, I've seen these prints featured on so many design blogs, but the first time I saw them was via makeundermylife. They're sold by Atelier Eva Juliet through Etsy, and I could not resist. This one in particular, with "Choose Joy" on it, really calls to me.

Joy print

Coupled with the sweet colors. I was sold. This could go anywhere in the house and i think I will have a hard time deciding.

Choose Joy

This one, on the other hand, is going in the kitchen for sure!  How lovely is the styling in the photo?  These are the colors and the feel I want for my kitchen, so this is a particularly inspiring photo. 


Of course, now that we've moved to the US, it turns out the seller is based in Montreal, so I will have to pay a bit more for shipping. Ah, it's worth it! 

All photos from seller's etsy site.


  1. love that aqua color. so dreamy and a little retro. i'd do my kitchen in those colors, too. :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. i love "meeting" new people. your blog is gorgeous, love your photos! i'll definitely be back.

  2. Hi Marisa, Thanks for dropping by as well. :) I, too, love those colors. Dreamy!


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