Modern Age Solid Wood Chairs...

19 August 2009 least, that's what the Craigslist ad says. I'm not really a DIY-er, to say the least. I prefer to buy furniture that's ready to go with as little assembly as possible. Sure, I can handle Ikea items, but when it comes to stripping, repainting, reupholstering...I'm way over my head. However, when I saw these chairs on Craigslist, I was sorely tempted to give real DIY a try.


We currently have 2 chairs in our entire house, and we have visitors coming in September, so we definitely need furniture, with chairs being the most important. I don't think our guests would appreciate eating in shifts! Although it may come to that! The above chairs are listed at $25 in the ad title, but the body listing says $200 for a set of 4. I think they would look great in a lighter wood color and reupholstered in either a modern print or even just plain linen fabric. Anything but the current faux leather.

Another style that I'm considering are these Eames-style dining chairs. I'm trying to keep the casual dining area off the kitchen spare and modern without being too cold.

Option 3 is this Oval Back Dining Chair from West Elm, but in the middle color shown below, or maybe the white.  I'm trying to avoid the darker wood colors for the entire house.  .

I realize with no picture of the actual space, it's hard to imagine which chair would be nicer. I don't have any pictures of the space the way it looks right now, but I do have some photos I took with the previous owners' furniture. These were taken with my iPhone so the quality is not the best.

This is the kitchen with a view to the breakfast nook (that's what we're calling it for now).  You can barely see the space, so a close-up is coming next.

Kitchen to nook - previous owner

The breakfast nooks is currently empty except for a dining table and 2 chairs that H brought with him from Calgary to Vancouver, and now to Western Mass. This is what it looked like with the previous owners' furniture.

Breakfast nook - previous owner

It's not really to my taste.  Of course they took all their furniture and just left the light fixtures and the fan (which also need to go), as well as the window valances (is that what those red striped things on the window are called?).  The walls need to be repainted, the valances and the ceiling fan replaced, but the most important thing right now is to decide on chairs.

I'm planning on getting 4 of the same chairs for the long sides of the table and then a different set of 2 for the ends.  That is, if we decide to keep our current rectangular dining table.  The space we have seems to be calling for a round table, but that's not on the priority list right now.


  1. Ooh, I like option #2 or #3.

    You mean you didn't keep the wicker?

    Like your blog! Found you over at Little Brown Pen.

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I'm leaning towards #2 as #3 was too small in person.

    I know, I struggled with whether to keep the wicker...:D Maybe in another few decades.


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