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25 March 2010

Magnolia Bakery Grand Central

H and I decided to go to NYC on an impulse last Saturday as the weather was just gorgeous! As we walked around Grand Central Station, we saw that Magnolia Bakery had finally opened their little branch in the Dining Concourse. I was really excited about finally being able to bring some cupcakes home without making a detour to the downtown store. Unfortunately, there seems to be a smaller selection of cupcakes here -- all I saw were vanilla and chocolate. They had other items but I wanted cupcakes, and the last and only time I was in their downtown store, there was definitely an abundance of flavors to choose from.

It was fascinating and educational watching how they were frosting the cupcakes. Next time I make cupcakes, I shall try their method. Who needs a frosting bag and a star tip when you can just use an offset spatula?

Maybe when we next go to NYC when my parents come visit, there will be more flavors.


  1. LOVE magnolia bakery. I need to go back to NYC for a fix : )

  2. I know. Having it be so close is super tempting!

  3. i dont like magnolia bakery's cupcakes... cupcakes in vancouver are better. but i want to try those cookies

  4. Were you able to try the different flavored ones or just basic chocolate and vanilla?


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