Mapo Tofu

19 March 2010

Mapo Tofu

One of the reasons I love the coming of Spring is that it doesn't get dark till much later and I can actually photograph dinner in natural light! I have yet to master the art of taking nice food photos in our kitchen when it's dark already, so yay Spring!

This photograph was taken a couple of nights ago, and it's one of my staple foods for when I'm not feeling particularly inspired. It's easy and healthy (way more tofu than ground pork) and super tasty.

One more shot below. I really should iron the placemat, heehee. And wipe off the edge of the bowl. A food stylist I am not.

Mapo Tofu 1


  1. you have such a knack for still-life photos... i really enjoy all of them!

    i'm craving tofu now.


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