02 October 2010

I haven't been wowed by J. Crew recently, but Madewell, on the other hand, has been impressing me A LOT.  If i didn't control myself, I would buy something every time I stepped into their store.  Recently they launched a collaboration with Alexa Chung, which initially didn't excite me as I figured all the designs would be best suited to someone skinny like her (and not like me, heh-heh), but I couldn't resist trying some stuff anyway.  Boy, was I wrong about the fit! 

alexa chung betty tea dress

This Alexa Chung Betty Tea dress is extremely flattering on, and I really didn't think it would be.  I knew immediately I was going to buy it.  And coincidentally, the very next day as I was reading some blogs, I saw this photo of Rachel Bilson wearing the same dress in a different colorway.  I like the navy as well, but I'm glad I purchased the cream one.

Rachel Bilson


  1. I also like the nay, her style is better for me.
    Nice blog!!

  2. i love these dresses and the tights!!! i love the look on the top picture!

  3. So pretty, no? So glad I was able to et the dress before it sold out.

  4. whattt how much was the dress? i want the dark gray pants tooo

  5. What dark gray pants? Are you talking about the tights?


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