Kate Spade packaging

04 November 2010

Kate Spade has such fun packaging for their items. I purchased a few things during their recent sale and was pleasantly surprised at how cheerful everything was.

The basic packaging for Twirl perfume is happy and colorful, right?

Kate Spade Twirl packaging

Then you open it and are greeted with gold polka dots and a random saying that just makes you smile.

Kate Spade packaging

Then you get to the actual bottle and it's so elegant that I just want to stare at it all day.

Kate Spade Twirl

Then there's the packaging for their mugs.  Again, it makes me happy just to look at them especially on a gloomy rainy day like today.

Kate Spade mug packaging

This library mug is so me that I'm definitely keeping this for sure.  I have a spare world traveler version (with suitcases) that I'm still debating whether to keep or give as a Christmas gift.

Kate spade mug


  1. why did you buy a mug?? hahaha are the kitchen stuff a new kate spade collection? I saw a bunch of plates at macy's too... totally agree about the bottle of perfume and the quote... do they give you a different quote per bottle? maybe i should get one and we should find out

  2. Coz the mug was so cute and all the books reminded me of bookworm me. :)

    Go get a bottle of perfume...wait till they go on sale, haha.


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