Straw Totes - which one?

18 May 2011

With warmer weather fast approaching, I've been feeling the need for more casual summery bags, and these straw totes just hit the spot for me.  I confess I already have the Rebecca Minkoff tote with me (thanks to Shopbop's recent sale) and I love the way it looks and feels.  Having said that, the much cheaper Madewell tote caught my eye today, thanks to my e-mail inbox.

rminkoff endless love straw tote 2
madewell bamboula tote 1

I'm tempted to return the Rebecca Minkoff tote and purchase the Madewell one instead.  What's stopping me?  I prefer the overall lines of the Rebecca Minkoff tote.  I also like that the bottom is reinforced with leather to give it some structure and that it zips close.  The Madewell tote looks really bulky in the photo above and it doesn't look like it has a zip closure.  It's nice that they both have leather handles, and the Madewell tote is also handcrafted from Africa using fair-trade practices that directly benefit the artisans. 

What do you guys think I should do?

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  1. not a big fan of straw... get something else :D

  2. Jenica, that's not an option. :p

  3. Keep the Minkoff.
    I agree about the lines and it has such a timeless feel to it.
    It will be with you for a very, very long time!

  4. Yeah, keep the Minkoff. I think it's prettier. :)

  5. Hi! It's my first time to comment here!! Excite! LOL.

    I personally like the Madewell because it has that relaxed look. That's just me.

    The Minkoff looks a bit more dressier, more serious... and if you "think" you should keep it... that just means you should! Follow your instincts ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, btw. So you used to live here. You should come back, we need more Canucks fans to cheer :)

  6. I vote for the Minkoff too. I just discovered your blog, and am loving it :-)

  7. *Update* I kept the Rebecca Minkoff. I saw the Madewell totes in store and found them too bulky for me.


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