Summer Scarves

10 June 2011

Summer is made for oversized gauzy scarves, and these are some of the ones I really really want. (Wait, did a Spice Girl song just play in your head?  No?  Just me, then.)

lemlem samson wrap
lemlem adama scarf

madewell ikat scarf

These would add such a pop of color to my mostly plain colored outfits for summer.  Also, I love how the bigger sized ones can be used as a blanket or even rolled up as a pillow when you're on the train. 

(all photos from their respective websites)


  1. I like the Madewell Electric Ikat Scarf the best. Especially since I have a bunch of white and dull colored clothes.

  2. The Madewell one is the one I'm thinking of getting, actually. :)


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