Quick trip: Santa Monica

11 December 2012

Aimee, Frances, and me
Last month, I took a quick trip to Santa Monica to meet up with some high school friends. Actually, one of them, Frances, I've been friends with since 4th grade!  I haven't seen her in years since she lives in Australia now, and when she asked if we could meet up during her husband's trip for the American Film Market, I jumped at the chance.  My husband wasn't on call that weekend so I was able to leave Harvey with him and travel baby-free (yay!).  Sadly, I started feeling unwell on the plane and basically spent the weekend feeling under the weather.  Nevertheless, it was fun catching up.  We basically just shopped and ate for the day and a half I was there.  

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There wasn't a lot of time for taking photos so these are the only ones I have to share, of our last brunch at Farmshop.  Half of the space was for dining, while the other half was for shopping/browsing.  Service was quick, and they were quite busy so we got the feeling they really wanted us to eat and run.


The food was good, though, and I thought it was worth the wait and the rush.

Deviled eggs - smoked idaho trout, upland cress and tarragon

The deviled eggs were yummy!  Everytime I see deviled eggs on the menu, I order them because while I love eating them, I'm not a huge fan of actually making them myself.

Fresh berries with local avocado honey
These berries were so delicious!  They tasted so sweet and fresh.  Why is it that berries I buy at the supermarket never taste like these?

Frittata - roasted frog hollow farm pears, za'atar spiced goat cheese, barbara's baby kale and salsa criolla

I was pretty full from the berries and granola (no photo) that I only had a bite of the frittata.  Like the rest of the dishes, it tasted fresh and oh-so-delicious.

I'm hoping my friends will go back next year so we can all meet up again.  Maybe next time, I can stay a bit longer than the one and half days I had.


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