Wildflour Bakery + Cafe

13 December 2012


One of the reasons I love going back to visit Manila is getting to try all the new restaurants that have opened since I was last there.  I heard a lot about Wildflour so I dragged my parents there for lunch.  I didn't feel like bringing my big camera with me so these are all Instagram photos.  


This was the Wildflour donut that was supposed to come with hazelnut hot chocolate.  There was definitely no hot chocolate included  with the dish, but somehow I didn't realize it till now, so I wasn't able to complain.

Roasted Garlic Knot
The roasted garlic knot was my dad's favorite dish.  I didn't get to try it but he was extremely satisfied and said he would go back just for this.

Breakfast Sandwich

I think there was a bit of confusion when I ordered this sandwich.  That day they had a bacon and egg sandwich on the menu board, as well as a breakfast sandwich on the printed menu.  The descriptions were similar with minor differences.  I ordered the sandwich on the printed menu but asked that the chutney be switched to mango from pineapple and that the egg be chili friend.  I received almost exactly what I ordered except my egg wasn't chili fried.  Oh, well, they tried.  I didn't mind so much because oh my god the sandwich was sooo good!  It was the perfect size for me (don't you just hate sandwiches that are so big ingredients fall out when you try to bring it to your mouth for a bite?) and I wanted to keep eating even after it was gone.    

Foie gras mousse + port wine gelee, toasted brioche
And then of course, whenever I see foie gras on the menu I have to order it.  I know we already had too much food but I couldn't resist.  And you know what?  It was really good!  So far everything I've had has tasted right and I have no complaints.

Pastel de Tres Leches

Ah, dessert.  Usually the best part of a meal for me, but not this time.  After enjoying the savories so much, this was a big letdown.  The best tres leches I've had was in a little place in Puerto Rico, and I've been trying to recapture that taste ever since.  This one was a bit bland.

Warm sticky icky bun

Since I was so impressed by the quality of the food, I asked my friend Daphne to join me for breakfast one morning before I had to leave.  I'm usually not a morning person, so it says a lot about the food that I woke up early for it!

Scrambled eggs on toast, sausage gravy
I'm very picky when it comes to scrambled eggs.  I like them creamy and soft, and very few places do it to my liking, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find the perfect scrambled eggs at Wildflour.  Just look at that photo!  I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same day!

When I go back to Manila, despite the slight service hiccups, I am definitely going back to Wildflour.  there are still so many dishes to try!

Wildflour Café + Bakery
G/F, Net Lima Bldg,
4th Ave. corner 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel. (+632) 856-7600


  1. This is my fav new discovery in manila! Sooo good!!! Loved the toast and the roasted bone marrow!

  2. Jenica, I know, right? I wish I'd had a chance to go back for dinner. I wanted to order everything!

  3. Last time I was there, they told me to go to Wildflour too. Got mixed comments though. But I guess I will have to try to find out.


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