Chloe Wedges

24 February 2013

I remember when these wedges first came out in 2006 -- I wanted a pair really badly.  Wedges were my footwear of choice back then.  They were leg lengthening (and being petite, I needed that!) and at the same time, the flat sole made them easier to walk on than stilettos. I couldn't find them in my size then, and I certainly couldn't afford them either, so I just admired them from afar.  Now, it turns out that this anniversary collection is available at Printemps in Paris as a pop-up, and will be available worldwide starting on March 1.

Sadly, I don't think I can walk in these shoes anymore.  I still think they're amazing, but even now that they are available again, I think I shall be content with just admiring them.


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  2. OMG! I remember these! I managed to snag the criss cross strap ones, from Phoebe Philo's last collection for Chloe I think! I hardly wear them now, but I cannot let go! Such a classic!

    1. It's gorgeous, right? I'm still slightly tempted, but my feet are begging me not to even consider it.


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