Illamasqua Speckled Polish

21 February 2013


I still prefer plain creme nail polish, but when I saw this photo of Illamasqua's Spring 2013 Collection, I knew I wanted these Speckled polishes.  Don't they remind you of Easter eggs?

Sephora even has a video of the actual polishes in action, and they're all so pretty I can't decide which ones I want to get.


  1. OHHHMYGOSH! i loveee this! the nail polish REALLY looks exactly like real robins eggs that is sooo pretty!! i love it!

    yay! i'm so happy to hear you got the target wedge sneakers! they are very slimming :) i love them! comfort and height without builkiness all in one!! hehe.

    aww i know what you mean.. trust me.. living in germany.. i don't get ANY asian food really.. and when i do it's pretty horrible.. and asian food in europe is all ONE type of food.. like there's no distinction.. if you eat at any place they will serve you medicore chinese/thai/japanese/vietnamese food.. but it's like all the same.. sort of like this weird chop suey but made with fish sauce HAHA. so trust me i know what you mean and i'm trying to stuff my face with enough asian food before i return to germany hah!

    1. Hah, that sounds like me whenever I go back to Vancouver. I just eat at all my fave places and get as sick of Asian food as I can so I won't want it for a long time!

      I got my Rockstud Tote and did a quick post, per your request :)


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