The Counter

12 August 2009

A couple of days ago, as H and I were furniture shopping in West Hartford, we realized we were extremely hungry and needed a snack, pronto! Luckily, we were steps away from The Counter, so we eagerly entered. Another plus was getting out from under the hot sun that day!

The Counter

It was an odd time of day, so the place was empty when we entered. We were a bit surprised that it's a sit-down eatery instead of the usual burger joint where you go up to the counter and order.

The Counter interior

The Counter specializes in 100% freshly ground Angus beef raised on a vegetarian diet without hormones or antibiotics. They also boast of having 312,120+ different burger combinations when you build your own burger!

Build your own @ The Burger

and I were both too hungry and lazy to build our own so we decided to go with their signature burgers instead. Before we get to the burgers, however, we must discuss the drinks and appies!

Their water arrived in this oh-so-cute greenish Coca-Cola tumbler. I couldn't resist! I had to take a picture.

Coke glass @ The Counter

And of course, how can we go into a diner-looking establishment and not have a milkshake? H and I decided to share a coffee malt milkshake. Mmmm....perfect for a hot sunny day! It tasted like melted coffee ice cream, and as some people know, my favorite ice cream is coffee ice cream. I always have one or two tubs in the freezer.

Coffee Malt Shake @ The Counter

Our burgers took a while to arrive, so we were glad we ordered appies. We couldn't decide what we wanted so we decided to have a trio of sweet potato fries, onion strings, and fries. The sweet potato fries were the best of the lot. They were crunchy and perfectly cooked. I thought the onion strings had a bit too much batter, not enough onion. The fries were also good, but paled in comparison to the sweet potato fries.

Trio @ The Counter

The appies arrived with three different sauces as well: horseradish mayo, barbecue, and ranch. We were so hungry that H couldn't wait any longer for me to take more photos.

Impatience @ The Counter

Finally our burgers arrived. H chose the Old School - All-natural ground beef, Tillamook Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle and Red Relish. It looked really good, but by this time I was already kind of full from the fries and the coffee malt shake, so I decided it would be unwise to partake of his burger at the expense of mine.

Old School 2 @ The Counter

I chose the Taco Turkey - Fresh ground turkey, Jalapeno Jack cheese, Lettuce, Scallions, Dried Cranberries, and Spicy Sour Cream. It was huge! Delicious, but huge. The cranberries were a nice touch and their tartness added a nice depth to the turkey burger.

Taco Turkey @ The Counter

managed to finish his burger but I had to leave a little bit as I was simply too stuffed. Even the appies had leftovers. The sweet potato fries and the onion strings disappeared, but the regular fries were left behind. Sadly, even the coffe malt had some leftovers. I tried, I really did, to finish the drink, but my stomach just gave up on me.

At least we were all fueled up for a day of furniture shopping afterwards. And we managed to find our sofa! Finally! I shall post about that soon.

The Counter
(various locations)
50 Memorial Road
West Hartford CT 06107

860 236 8400
860 231 9427 FAX
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