Sweater vest

08 August 2009

It was a chilly night and my thoughts turned to sweaters and fall-dressing, and as I browsed the Anthropologie site, I immediately fell in love with this sweater vest.

anthro sweater vest

I've been looking for a longish sweater vest for a while now, and this is almost perfect, except it might be a bit too chunky for early fall. I wanted something transitional so I can wear it from now till winter and I thought a vest would be perfect. I love how it's styled in the photo below, although it's definitely too chilly for current weather. If I were to buy it now, I would probably wear it over a short crisp white shirtdress. Hmmm...I also do have a mustard jersey dress similar to what the girl below is wearing, so that would work as well.

anthro sweater vest and dress

Until I find something less chunky, this is going on my wish list. Must make a trip to Anthropologie soon!

All photos from Anthropologie.


  1. i'm enamored with the 'street style' in their last catalogue. yeah for chunky sweaters (if i were to wear one, this would be it!)

  2. I'm trying to avoid going to Anthropologie and just save money for furniture, but it's very difficult!


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