Rainier cherries

05 August 2009

Thought I'd take a little break from unpacking. I am currently swimming in paper...can't decide what to toss and what to keep. Also need pretty magazine holders, storage boxes, etc.

When I'm not unpacking, I'm munching on these. Aren't they lovely? I'm always happy when rainier cherries are in season. Their color cheers me up, and the flavor is unbeatable. Sweet and juicy, with just the slightest hint of tartness.


I'm also having fun discovering where I can take good pictures in the new house. Maybe next time I should position the container so you can't see the grout lines. :D


Oh, and I just adore the bowl the cherries are in. It was part of a wedding gift set from a friend. The color is just what I wanted and I'm planning to build the kitchen colors around it.


Okay, break's over. Back to sorting, organizing, and unpacking. Hmmm...a little snack right about now sounds good. I'll go grab some more cherries.


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