The Big E

25 September 2009

H and I dropped by The Big E a few days ago just to see what it was all about. It's been ages since I've been to a fair, and i realize that as I get older, the more scared I am to ride the "scarier" rides. I used to be able to ride the ferris wheel, but when I saw it again this time, it looked huge! I can't believe I was brave enough to get on it before!


Instead of enjoying the rides, we spent most of the time just walking around, enjoying the food booths and the state pavilions, as well as taking lots of pictures, with the above being my favorite for some reason.

I remember when i first heard about deep fried Mars bars and how it sounded so strange I just had to try it. Apparently now they deep fry everything. Deep fried Oreos anyone?

Deep fried Oreos

More deep fried stuff.

Fried Dough @ Big E

What's a fair without corn dogs?

Super Dog @ Big E

And ooh, here's another little stand I passed by without trying, much to my regret. isn't it just so cute?


And lastly, another ferris wheel image before I go off to Spain. Happy weekend!



  1. Cool! Were there any carnival games?

  2. marcis - Lots of games, but we didn't fo any, haha.

    marisa - Thanks!


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